We have been delivering coco peat quality products to the customer based on demand.
For price details of cocopeat blocks please contact us, based on quality and Volume the prices may change.

Product Variations

Product Ratio Level EC Sieving Types Customer Need Product Code
Coco Peat 5kg (< 0.5 at 1:1.5) Low Sieved Need based LEC-SCPB5
Coco Peat 5kg (< 0.5 at 1:1.5) Low Un Sieved Need based LEC-USCPB5
Coco Peat 5kg ( < 1 at 1:2 ) Medium Sieved Need based MEC-SCPB5
Coco Peat 5kg ( < 1 at 1:2 ) Medium Un Sieved Need based MEC-USCPB5
Coco Peat 5kg ( > 1 ) High Sieved Need based HEC-SCPB5
Coco Peat 5kg ( > 1 ) High Un Sieved Need based HEC-USCPB5
What we do

Why Choose Our Cocopeat

We believe that our growth is to satisfy our product buyers from our company. We also aim to not only enrich the soil but also ensure nature conservation.


Natural Agriculture Products

Cocopeat blocks are good usage for the agriculture of any crops, and gives good yield with low cost invest.

Agriculture Fresh Vegetables

In modern days, fruits are full of chemical contains by using the fertilizers. Cocopeat is the best replace of that.

Farm Oragnic Products

We export only the organic products to the customers with quality assurance for our each cocopeat blocks